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We offer skip hire in Peterborough to suit all budgets!

Our simple and easy skip-hire guide gives you an idea of the different sizes of skips for your needs, their ideal uses and applications, and their estimated prices in your area. 

The sizes of our available skips are measured in terms of yards. The range of size options starts from 2 yards up to 35 yards, with the 4, 6, and 8 typically being the most popular when it comes to skip hire for domestic purposes. Please note that the indicated cost is only an estimate. 

If you have additional questions or concerns about our services and their prices, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of helpful experts via phone. Our team can provide information on skip hire prices, delivery, pickup, and the requirements you need to use a skip hire service. Some areas need customers to acquire skip hire permits before booking for the skip. Usually, you can obtain a permit from the city council, but you can contact our customer service to help you get the license. 

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2-Yard Skip Starts at £110

In our skip hire services, the 2-yard skip is our smallest available size. This is the skip most suitable for smaller domestic land projects like garden waste, furniture, bricks, and DIY work. It allows easy disposal of waste material, saving you from taking a number of trips from your place to the tip. Whether it’s recycling or removal of waste from your small community, this is the skip for your waste collection.  

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to start a new DIY project soon or finally have time to give your garden the much-needed overhaul; you can save yourself from the hassle of this small open skip while saving more money and time. The advantage of these midi skips is that they have a small length, which means they use a small space in your driveway. Also, they have ease of use. 

Specifically designed for smaller quantities of the garden and household waste, our 2-yard mini skip has enough room for 4-wheelie bins of waste or around 20 to 30 bin bags. The compact size also allows easy positioning of the skip, which means placing it on your driveway or in your small garden. This skip size has the perfect capacity for a small home. Call us now to get a quote.

4-Yard Skip Starts at £140

If you need an affordable, easy, and efficient way of domestic waste storage and disposal, our 4-yard skip might be the right solution you are looking for. This item is perfect for people making minor changes to their property. Our company will ensure that your working environment is junk-free by giving you a good size skip. 

Diamond Skip Hire’s 4-yard skip has enough room to accommodate waste from a garden clearance, bathroom, or kitchen refit. This is also ideal for a budget-friendly and convenient onsite waste solution. The 4-yard has more weight than the 2-yard skip, more space for extra content, and affordable pricing. You don’t have to worry about anything because our business will do a lot of the work of delivering and picking the products to take to the landfills.  

Don’t let its small size fool you because this is the perfect skip for jobs with limited space, which means you can also store it easily in driveways or gardens. Order this midi skip, and we will deliver it to your location. Our task is to ensure you don’t have to give yourself an obligation to take rubbish to the dumpster. We use our process to ensure that we dump the waste in an eco-friendly manner

6-Yard Skip Starts at £180

Our 6-yard skip is one of the most popular skips in our selection. We also love to call it the original builder skip. It is ideal for various medium-size projects such as bathroom and kitchen renovations and other home renovation tasks. The amount of rubbish this skip can hold is among the factors that make it popular. It’s also easier for companies to take the rubbish to the landfill in an entire truck.

This is also a good option for rubbish from lofts, garages, and gardens. It is also the kind of skip for bulky and heavy waste like concrete, soil, or builder’s rubble. With the suitable space to accommodate around 12 waste-filled wheelie bins or 50 to 60 bin bags filled with waste, our 6-yard skip is also sufficiently equipped to deal with most jobs that produce a moderate quantity of waste. You can also get it for your residents to put trash in.

Aside from being a popular choice for domestic use, these skips are also often used on most construction and building sites. For example, most businesses ask a skip supplier to be their skip provider and dump the rubbish at the dump site so that they can only use their energy on the job at hand. 

8-Yard Skip Starts at £210

Our 8-yard skip is the best choice for lightweight but bulky waste and is commonly used in domestic, commercial, and industrial scenarios. This skip has enough room for 60 to 80 bin bags, depending on the trash you dispose of. It also provides optimum convenience and values no matter what type of project you may be working on. You can use this skip if you have chemicals in your waste. It can hold several electronics and other devices. 

However, please note that this site is not recommended for heavy loads like soil, making it impossible to lift the skip once full. If you want more details about this skip, you can contact us and be part of our client list because we love our clients and provide them with the best rates on the market. We don’t add additional fees to our services. 

12-Yard Skip Starts at £305

Our 12-yard skip is just what you need for large projects like a whole house or office clearances. This also caters to a whole host of construction and commercial projects.  

These skips can hold around 120 bin bags of waste, with enough space for various materials, including wood, plastics, asbestos products, packaging waste, and metal. But please remember that this size of skip is unsuitable for heavy loads like concrete, rubble, or soil because it might be impossible to lift once it is filled with materials. You can look at the skip before you book and even check our previous clients’ reviews on our page. 

17-Yard Skip

The roll-on/roll-off 17-yard skip is a favourite choice for waste disposal generated during demolition and construction projects. These skips offer affordable, effective, and simple solutions for removing an extensive array of materials. 

Although occasional domestic clients hire this skip, this is most frequently used in the industrial and commercial sectors. These skips are also used for metal, plastic, wood, soil, garden, rubble, and construction waste

Contact us for the price of our 17-yard skips. 

35-Yard Skip

Our 35-yard roll-on/roll-off skip is the maxi skip at Diamond Skip Hire. This is ideal for large-scale construction operations and large-volume commercial waste producers. 

These skips are also suitable for disposing of large amounts of bulky and light waste and can accommodate heavier materials. The skip can store almost everything, including wood, plastics, plasterboard, metal, cardboard, paper, and glass. 

It can also accommodate window frames, recyclables, commercial waste, builders’ waste, demolition, and industrial waste. 

However, the large dimensions of the skip mean it is only allowed to be positioned in off-road locations. Contact us to know more about the price of these skips and how to use them. 


What are the most common types of skips?

Open and covered are the two types of skips available right now. 

What can I put in my skip?

You can use skips to remove non-hazardous waste, including household items, green waste, debris, etc. Special containers and permits are required for the disposal of hazardous waste. Mixing hazardous with non-hazardous waste is illegal. 

What will happen to my waste?

We will process your waste at authorised treatment facilities based on all EU and UK legislation. 

How full can I load a skip?

Legally speaking, overfilling your skip is not allowed. To ensure safe transport, the skip shouldn’t be filled beyond the top of the sides. 

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