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Over the years, Diamond Skip Hire Peterborough has met and exceeded expectations, specialising in industrial and commercial skip hire in Peterborough for several years. We provide our customers with the best skip hire in our areas. 

Our team knows how vital professional skip hire solutions are for all types of businesses, big and small alike. Why will you settle for less when we are here as the best company that got you covered? Our company offers the best prices in the market for different skip sizes, and we offer delivery and pick up the skip after using it. So, with our skip size guide, you will have all the information you need about the skip hire service in Peterborough, UK.   

Whether you need an ongoing service for larger volumes of waste disposal, a one-time skip hire, rubbish in small bin bags, or even hazardous waste assistance, we are here to help you out every step of the way. Go to our page to get all your needed information about our service. You can also speak to our customer service if you have any questions or for details about your waste management needs.

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We Specialise in Commercial and Industrial Skip Hire Services

Our company specialises in cost-effective and reliable services tailored to the unique requirements of skip hire commercial and industrial businesses in the Peterborough area. Our firm ensures we reach more locations, especially local building sites, to keep their job more straightforward by providing the best size skip for their needs.

Commercial Peterborough Skip Hire

Thanks to our wide range of containers suitable for different needs and requirements, we make it easy for all our valued clients to hire a skip.  Most importantly, we ensure you always stay compliant regarding disposal and permits. 

It doesn’t matter how much waste your business produces; our company got the perfect skips in different sizes to find the ideal solution suitable for your needs. We are here for you if you need construction waste removal, garden waste clearance, or if furniture junk is thrown out.

Our commercial and industrial skip-hire service also helps you separate various waste categories.  We will ensure that you will meet the obligations of your business according to health and safety regulations and environmental law for skip hire, as well as waste disposal in general. Reach out for a quote or an enquiry about the items we offer, and our experts will answer everything. We provide an affordable price depending on the capacity of the midi skips you need to book. Our skip guide has a list of different skips and their dimensions. We have every type of item you want to order. 

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Full-Service Industrial and Commercial Skip Hire in Peterborough

Businesses from different sectors will always produce waste in volumes higher than the average.  Whether you need to clear out your old office material, electronics, or energy devices, perform demolition or refurbishment work, or get rid of piles of product packaging, our skips come in handy on various occasions. Contact us now to get the pricing of the service.  Also, we don’t have any hidden fees; you only pay the amount quoted.

Commercial Skip Hire Peterborough

Our Skip Hire Process

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Contact Us via Phone or Contact Form

Get in touch with us first.  We will advise you and schedule the services you need, depending on what best suits you. You don’t have to worry because we will do much of the work for you. 

Find the Right Skip Size

Let us know what size of skip you need.  A lot of information in the guide can confuse you if you have no idea what you want from a supplier. So if you’re unsure, all you have to do is ask, and we will be more than happy to guide you. You can use different skips depending on the content of your rubbish.  As expected, large skips are more suitable for commercial and industrial needs such as building projects and landscape waste. 

Secure a Permit

We can help you obtain the necessary permits, or you can do it alone. Most people find it hard to get a license from the local council, but we are your provider and can help you.  Again, don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any concerns. 

Have the Skip Delivered

We will then deliver the skip to your place, and we suggest placing it on reinforced and flat land that can take the weight of large skips and their contents. The products you put into the skip are inspected to ensure that they don’t pollute the environment when taken to the dumpster or landfill. Don’t forget that particular types of materials are not allowed in our skips, including asbestos, batteries, medical waste, solvents, fuel, paints, gas cylinders, and fluorescent tubes. Ensure that you close the skip when you are not around so that residents in your community don’t dump their rubbish in your skip.

Return the Skip

It’s great if you already have a collection date arranged.  But if you are unsure of your project’s completion date, please contact us for collection.  Our company will try picking up your skip as soon as possible. 

Feel free to contact us right away to learn more about our services. 

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Why Choose Us?

Our valued clients continue to choose our company for many reasons. Some of these are the following:

Affordable Waste Disposal Solutions

Hiring our skips is the best option if you need help with the ethical disposal of industrial and commercial waste.  This is the most reliable way to collect and transport waste for disposal and recycling. It’s hassle-free, and you don’t have to be part of the group that dumps the waste. You can check our skip hire service reviews online. 

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Skip Hire Commercial Peterborough

Enhanced Site Safety

Our skip hire company is the name you can trust if you have an ongoing large-scale building project or one is coming up soon.  Hiring skips can keep the site in order and help prevent untoward accidents. 

Proper Waste Segregation

Proper waste segregation offers numerous benefits.  Aside from sorting general and reconcilable waste, this is also an essential step in reducing the burden on landfills

Skip Hire Peterborough Commercial
Commercial Skip Hire Peterborough Pollution

Reduced Environmental Pollution

You’ll be dealing with serious problems if you dispose of your waste illegally.  For example, air and soil pollution can occur if you dispose of your commercial waste in an empty plot of land.  Our company follows responsible waste disposal to protect and conserve the planet. 

Save Effort and Time

Our skip-hire solutions can make it simpler for you to get rid of rubbish from your premises as quickly as possible.  We don’t just help you save money because we also ensure you don’t waste your precious time while protecting you from the effort of having to look for a way to eliminate your rubbish. 

Commercial Skip Hire Peterborough Effort and Time


Commercial Skip Hire Peterborough FAQ

How much will commercial skip hire cost me?

Several factors affect the cost of our services, including the size of the skip you choose, how long you will hire it for, and your site’s location.  Contact our team to find the right skip for your budget and requirements. 

Do I need a permit to hire a commercial skip?

A permit is unnecessary if the skip is placed on your business’ commercial site.  However, you must acquire permission from the local authority or the private house owner if your site’s peculiarities mean putting the skip on public lands, such as a road, pavement, or pathway.  We can deal with the permit application for you, or you can do so alone. 

What can I put in your commercial skips?

It’s easy to assume that you can put anything in your skips, but it’s not the case.  Some materials are not allowed in skips, especially as far as controlled waste is concerned.  But the general rule here is that you can only put non-confidential and non-hazardous materials in our commercial skips. 

How do I keep your commercial skips safe?

Security and safety should still be your top priorities regarding commercial skips.  All the waste that goes into skips is the legal duty of care of business owners.  This is why you must control who gets access to the skip.  To do this, ensure the skip is always correctly covered when not in use.  See that passers-by don’t rummage in the skip or dispose of their waste there.