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Reliable Waste Collection, Clearance & Disposal

Residential and commercial facilities are never without waste. This is why it is essential for all commercial, industrial, and domestic facilities to observe proper waste collection in Peterborough, which is legally compliant and safe at the same time. 

We offer a wide range of waste management services at Diamond Skip Hire Peterborough, including waste collection, clearance, and disposal to suit commercial and domestic settings. We will collect all waste from your premises and ensure that it will be cleared and disposed of using cost-effective, safe, and sustainable methods. 

Our businesses offer a comprehensive waste collection service and waste management service in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, in the UK. Once you choose to work with our company, our people will handle things from there, so you can use your energy on things that matter the most to you, which include your family and your business. 

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We Specialise in Waste Collection of All Types and Sizes

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As part of our total waste collections, clearances, and disposable services, our company offers the following:

Full-Service Waste
Collection in Peterborough

We have intensive experience dealing with various commercial and household waste types. Some waste that our team can collect includes:

Waste Collection Peterborough PE1 Cambridgeshire

Our Process

PE1 Peterborough Waste Collection

Initial Consultation

Call us using the number on our website, or complete our online booking form to make an order. Our team will quote the project prices and provide you with any other option based on your description. If you have additional requirements or questions or need job details, it’s better to call us for better customer service. We will schedule everything and give you a convenient time for waste collection. If you want the skip bin, you need a permit from the city council. 

Arrival on Site

Once we have agreed on the price, you will provide us with the details of your location, the size of the material, and the content in the bins. Our team will arrive at your location at the agreed schedule and pick up the item from the sites. Our team will load your waste into our van or truck and take it away. 

Site Clearing and Cleaning

After clearing the junk, we will also give the site a nice sweep-up. We also provide a note on the duty of care with each collection. The waste is taken to a landfill or recycled, depending on the type of waste you have. We ensure that we deal with waste in an eco-friendly manner. 

For additional information about our waste collection services, please get in touch with us immediately. 

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Why Choose Us?

As one of the leading waste collection companies in Peterborough, we provide an extensive selection of waste solutions that support domestic and commercial customers. We know and understand how important it is to deal with waste in a legally compliant and efficient way.

Our team of experts has many years of experience in professional general waste removal and management, giving you complete confidence in the overall quality of our rubbish services. Also, we ensure that we solve your rubbish problem by keeping your home, garden, garage, or community clean. 

Client-Oriented Approach

We follow on-site waste evaluations that help us offer our clients bespoke solutions while working with local stakeholders. We also constantly search for ways to simplify the waste-handling processes. We also reduce your capacity by tailoring our services to your unique needs. 

Peterborough Waste Collection
Waste Collection PE1 Peterborough


Our company is fully committed and takes pride in offering the most efficient services where and when you need them to achieve more quantifiable results using practical solutions. We ensure that our delivery from the site to the dumpster is as efficient as possible. 

Hygiene and Environmental Compliance

Our team makes it a point that we always comply with today’s changing and complex environmental regulations. We’ll work with you every step of the way to guarantee proper waste handling and disposal accordingly. All the items that we collect from projects are inspected to avoid pollution. Some areas don’t like electronics and other devices disposed of in their dumpsite, so we ensure that we comply and dump them in the correct spot.

Waste Collection Peterborough
Waste Collection Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE1


We also offer services that stand out through our creativity and cutting-edge social, technological, and contractual solutions. Thanks to our approach, we prevent work disruptions and ensure the most resourceful waste collection, clearance, and disposal. 

Value for Money

At Diamond Skip Hire, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or fees that may make you end up paying for more than what you need in the first place. Aside from our services, we also empower our clients with services and information that further add value to our offerings. 

Waste Collection Peterborough Value


Waste Collection Peterborough FAQ

What can I expect during waste collection?

During waste collection, contact us first and talk to one of our team members to learn more about how our services can benefit you, your home, or your business. They will offer tips about the jobs and answer your questions about waste collection. The team member will then visit your premises for a waste and recycling evaluation and assessment before we recommend the best comprehensive waste collection, clearance, disposal plan, and the project’s pricing. 

What types of waste do you collect?

Diamond Skip Hire collects a wide range of waste materials, which include general waste, food waste, metal, glass, wood, plasterboard, hazardous waste, and construction or demolition waste. Most dumpsite locations don’t like electronics such as phones or any product that can cause environmental issues in their dumpsite. If you want us to collect other types not listed, call us for additional information. 

Where do you provide your waste collection services?

We provide our waste collection, clearance, and disposal services in the Peterborough area. Our expert team has vast experience in waste disposal management and can use their skills in both commercial and domestic settings. 

Our staff has the specialist equipment, experience, and skills to handle anything related to your waste collection needs. You must contact our team to learn more about our available services in your area. You can check our page for reviews from previous clients in your area. 

Do you offer quick waste collection services?

We can also provide emergency waste collection and safely and quickly remove hazardous waste. Just contact us first to arrange and schedule emergency waste collection. Any potentially dangerous waste, such as chemicals, should be removed from your premises efficiently from start to finish while adhering to safety and health regulations. Everyone on our team has field experience handling many waste materials, including hazardous waste. You can have complete confidence in the efficiency of our waste disposal services and be worry-free. 

What are the potential effects and risks of improper disposal of hazardous wastes?

Adverse effects to the environment and human health brought about by hazardous wastes and toxic chemicals include arsenicosis, asbestosis, chloracne, effects on the central nervous system, Minamata disease, failure of different internal organs such as kidney or liver malfunction, and others depending on the level of seriousness of exposure. The effects depend on the amount of hazardous waste present. Ensure that you call us to clean the waste for you.